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Andy Young performs Gypsy Jazz, Irish Traditional Music, and Quebecois tunes on Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Flute, and Tin Whistle. His proficient skills on the hammered dulcimer have earned him notoriety as one of the top players in the country, sought after at music festivals nationwide.


He is a master hammered dulcimist.    


Dan Landrum, Dulcimer Players News



A percussionist since childhood, Andy first encountered the dulcimer in his teens and was intrigued with its possibilities. His first explorations of the instrument were more innovative than traditional, a drummer finding his way across an uncharted sea of strings. This sense of innovation has remained a characteristic of Andy’s playing throughout his career, drawing students and fans alike to his unique style.



Early on in his career, Andy took an interest in Irish traditional music and has now been playing in the style for over twenty years. One of Andy’s goals has always been to respect musical traditions, adapting the instrument to the music rather than the other way around. This led him to formulate a personal method for authentic Irish ornamentation on the dulcimer that has been central to his playing and teaching.

More recently Andy has pioneered the playing of Gypsy Jazz (the music of Django Reinhardt) on the hammered dulcimer. This genre incorporates elements of early American Swing with Gypsy tonalities and a distinctly Parisian sound. While the dulcimer’s voice is echoed in traditional Gypsy folk music through the cymbalom, very few players have taken the instrument into this more Jazz-based realm. Playing Gypsy Jazz has given Andy the opportunity to more fully utilize his percussion skills and to develop unrivaled chromatic techniques on the instrument.



Andy Young’s concerts infuse expressive musical arrangements with humor and insight to provide a deep understanding of the role of music in our multicultural and interpersonal world. His performances are as informative as they are entertaining. For decades he has performed in a wide variety of venues including concert halls, pubs, festivals, cafes, community concerts, weddings, and more.



Andy’s thoughtful, engaging, simple style of teaching makes even advanced concepts seem easy. Students and workshop participants often comment that they were able to learn much more than they thought they could, because of the way Andy breaks down musical ideas. Andy has taught workshops at festivals coast to coast, including Southern California, West Virginia, New York, Connecticut, and the Midwest.



  • Swing Marteaux

    Andy Young’s brand new album, Swing Marteaux, is an entire CD of Gypsy Jazz on the hammered dulcimer. Recorded over the Summer of 2012, featured guests include guitarist Alfonso Ponticelli of Swing Gitan, violinist Farley Masterton, Bob Tamborrino on clarinet, and vocalist Andi Tauber. This CD truly highlights Andy’s mastery of the hammered dulcimer.
  • L'Accroche-Pieds

    Andy Young’s long-awaited second album, released in 2010, is a delight to the ears, blending Irish reels and jigs, crooked tunes from Quebec, and Gypsy tinged Parisian waltzes together into a cross-cultural feast. Guest musicians include John Williams (All-Ireland champion and founding member of the Irish band Solas) on concertina, and Gypsy Jazz guitarist Alfonso Ponticelli of Swing Gitan.
  • Way Beyond a Thousand Summers

    Andy Young’s first recording, now out of print, was released in 1996. The CD included traditional Irish and Quebecois tunes on hammered dulcimer, Irish flute, and whistle alongside Andy’s own compositions as a singer/songwriter. Featured guests included Alfonso Ponticelli of Swing Gitan on guitar and mountain dulcimer, Jennifer Ingerson of The Crossing on fiddle, and Jeff Morello of Donnybrook on Bodhran.
  • Donnybrook - Stool of Repentance

    In 2000, Andy Young joined the Irish traditional band, Donnybrook and they recorded this album in 2002. On the CD, Andy contributed Irish flute, tin whistle, hammered dulcimer, guitar, and vocals. Other musicians included Jonathan Whitall of the band Chicago Reel on Piano/ Fiddle, and Jim DeWan on Guitar.
  • SOFA - So Far

    In 1998, Andy Young took part in a collaboration with a small group of Chicago singer/songwriters called SOFA. In a barn in rural Illinois, microphones draped over the rafters, the group collaborated on each other's songs. This CD was the result. Andy contributed three songs to the project and performed on the songs of other artists including andi and i, Greenchoby, and Charlotte Madeline.
  • Swing Marteaux
  • Laccroche-pieds
  • Way Beyond
  • Donnybrook
  • SOFA - So Far