L'Accroche-Pieds - CD

$15.00 each

Andy Young’s long-awaited second album, released in 2010, is a delight to the ears, blending Irish reels and jigs, crooked tunes from Quebec, and Gypsy tinged Parisian waltzes together into a cross-cultural feast. Guest musicians include John Williams (All-Ireland champion and founding member of the Irish band Solas) on concertina, and Gypsy Jazz guitarist Alfonso Ponticelli of Swing Gitan.


Track Listing

  1. The First Month of Summer/Cross the Fence
  2. Java Manouche
  3. The Humours of Derrycrossane
  4. The Dawn/Silver Spire/Come West Along the Road
  5. Lads of Laois
  6. M. Mimeault et M. Alain
  7. Johnny Harling's/Mother & Child Reel
  8. Annie-Zette
  9. Raithlin Island/Marcus Hernon's/The Long Drop
  10. Draiocht na Gealai
  11. DesJarlis'/L'Accroche-Pieds
  12. La Roulotte
  13. Spinner's Delight/Paddy Lynn's Delight
  14. Queen of the West/The Bee's Wing
  15. Louis 'Pitou' Boudreault's